RainbowGoldCoinTicker: RBGC

Algorithm: Scrypt – Kimoto Gravity Well
Max number of coins 100,000,000,000 RBGC
in circulation after 2.5 – 5 years
Block Time: 60 Seconds
Difficulty Retarget Time: 1 minute

“Hey everyone! Get me coins!!”


Block 1-100,000: 0-1,000,000 Reward
Block 100,001 — 200,000: 0-500,000 Reward
Block 200,001 — 300,000: 0-250,000 Reward
Block 300,001 — 400,000: 0-125,000 Reward
Block 400,001 — 500,000: 0-62,500 Reward
Block 500,001 – 600,000: 0-31,250 Reward
Block 600,000+: 10,000 Reward 

Me coins are made of Gold! Mine them, Buy them or trade them!

About RainbowGoldCoin

Established St. Patricks Day 2014!
RBGC - Ticker on Exchanges! Coming soon!

When we first released RainbowGoldCoin we wanted to make a coin that wasn't just a gimmick. We wanted it to be fun and we wanted to collect some gold on the way. As a kid I always did 2 things. 1. I looked for 4 leaf clovers on my lawns and in the gutters when the grass was cut. 2. I always looked to the end of a Rainbow hoping to see a huge pot of gold. This coin is 5 years younger than Bitcoin, it's a lot faster and is very mine-able just using your CPU or GPU. Being a scrypt coin based on Kimoto's Gravity Well, it retargets after every block and adjusts very quickly, e.g. when multipools add and retract mining power to a smaller coin's network. Join RainbowGoldCoin and start Mining, Buying or Trading! Exchanges coming soon! ~Leprechan

  • Use our wallet to mine or join a pool! CPU and GPU Friendly.

  • RAIN is almost 4 years old! Each block rewards 10,000 RAIN Coins!

  • Sending and Receiving RainbowGoldCoin's is fast and safe. Faster than Bitcoin!

  • We are working on 3 Major Exchanges at the moment. Stay tuned and we will reveal them as they come!

Source Code

RainbowGoldCoin Source

CoinMarketCap coming soon!